Following are instructions on how to add your messages to the community notice board 4211.

After log in click on add post from within your dashboard.

Add a title: Example: Wanted Reliable Handy Man in Palm Beach.

Add your message in the text editor box.


Important next step:

In the right column select your categories as in the image above.



Enter your tags separated by commas. Example [if you wrote about wanting a reliable handy man in Palm Beach] your tags would be something like: handy man, Palm Beach, wanted,


Fill out the “Post From Links” This is important as people may share your post to other sites like Facebook or Pinterest and you want them to be able to get back to your original post. Therefore add the link to the post you just made here [you will find the “Permalink” to your post right under your title just copy and paste it into the “Link URL:” . Example for this post is:] or link to another website were you want your visitors to go.

Then fill out the “Link Text:”  – with a couple of words describing your post topic – in this example – wanted handy man.

VERY IMPORTANT: “Set Featured Image”

Make sure to set  a featured image – as all posts on this site appear as clickable images on their own category pages. To set the image click on the “Set featured image link at the bottom of the right column – select a suitable image from your computer when prompted.

Last Step

Click on the “Preview” button at top of right hand column, preview your post and if everything is as you want it – go back and hit the blue “Publish” button.

Last Note: To get your message to go to as many people as possible: go to your published post and hover your mouse over your featured image. You will note the share options appear – use these to spread the word.