Mikode is a social network site that enables us to make a difference for our communities.

Like Facebook it supports features such as the famous wall, photo galleries etc.

In addition at Mikode you can create your own groups, forums, photo galleries, set everything to private if you wish and author your own posts

But here is the big difference; at https://mikode.net they will build, host and manage a site for your local community if one does not already exist at Mikode.

This is a free service for members.

Communities are defined by the post code or zip code they are in.

To see if your community is represented online at Mikode, go to the site and check the communities listed on the LOCAL COMMUNITY SITES PAGE

If your community is not on the list you can request to have a site built for your local community.

Membership subscription  is $5 per month. All subscription fees are pooled and paid back to members, see the REWARDS PAGE

Monetization of the sites comes from advertising and Mikode pays community site affiliates a recurring 20% of the advertising revenue.

Now isn’t that a refreshing change?

Make MIKODE -Your Code today: