NTFS and FAT32 as two kinds of file system which plays crucial role in there own field. Although NTFS as the newest file system is better than FAT32 on storing data, and be set as the default file system in Windows 2000 later versions, the majority of the hard drive is formatted as NTFS file system. Nonetheless, most of the game controller (including Xbox 360, Sony PS3) machine producers are chose the FAT32 file system not the NTFS. There, we have only one particular method to resolve this, change NTFS to FAT32. Within this article we will talk about the solution to convert NTFS to FAT32 with out data losing.

Commonly, you will find two strategies to convert NTFS to FAT32. The very first 1 should be to use Windows format tool to format NTFS to FAT32. Having said that, you have to back up all of the information and files 1st, and after the formatting, restore the earlier information. Additionally, if the size in the partition is larger than 32GB, you could not attain your aim with Windows format tool.

Is there any methods to convert NTFS to FAT32 very easily and with out data loss? In fact, there is another perfect way – To make use of the NTFS to FAT32 converter software. As a free specialist file system converter tool, it has the function of converting NTFS to FAT32. It could convert NTFS to FAT32 with out formatting the partition, and you will not lose any information within this way. You may follow the easy tutorials to convert NTFS to FAT32 with ease.

Step1: Free Download NTFS to FAT32 Converter from its website. Install and launch it, immediately after launching, you are going to see the user interface.
It can support the Windows 7/8/XP/Server 2000/2003/2008, and so on. And it can be converted to FAT32 as much as 2TB.

Step2, you ought to choose the NTFS partition you wish to convert within the partition list and click “Convert”.
The NTFS to FAT32 converting work will likely be done within seconds or minutes, and also you don’t need to reboot.

Also, just within the two actions, you may attain your aim of convert NTFS to FAT32 for Xbox 360 as well as other games, like PS3. It can be very advisable to shut down each of the other applications prior to formatting or converting NTFS to FAT32. In addition, Mac OS X doesn’t support writing to Microsoft Windows formatted NTFS volumes also, you could possibly use NTFS to FAT32 converter to change NTFS to FAT32 in order that you are able to read and write NTFS data on Mac. If you’d like to know extra information about the way to convert NTFS to FAT32, you can visit the official web-site to acquire extra information.