Responsive BuddyBoss 3.0 is now available!

Well finally there is a truly responsive theme that works like a native app on phones and tablets.

In our web building section of the myscribeweb membership, we have
discussed at length what theme we should go with, to take advantage of
all our mobile visitors.

I thought it appropriate to post this information here as well for
those of you who have not joined the myscribeweb membership site.

If you built a site according to our web building instructions and did not progress to the myscribeweb tutorials – it is
really time  to move with the times – and develop responsive

I am not an affiliate of Buddy Boss and this is a totally sincere
recommendation – seriously this is the best theme I have come across
and I have set it up for my website at https//

Take a look at what  Buddy Boss has to offer below:

What’s New

BuddyBoss 3.0 has a number of major new updates:

  • Responsive layout for phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Improved Profile Walls, News Feeds, and Likes functionality
  • Improved user photo uploading with a mobile touch-to-swipe photo viewer.
  • Mobile BuddyPress styles included.
  • Mobile bbPress forum styles included.
  • Native compatibility with BuddyPress 1.7 and 1.8.
  • Can now be used with or without BuddyPress.
  • More intuitive theme structure, using native WordPress setup.
  • Better documentation and code comments.

Responsive Layout

BuddyBoss 3.0 feels like a native app on phones and tablets. We went
all out with sliding profile panels and polished mobile styles for
WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress. BuddyBoss 3.0 dynamically responds
to the size of your screen. Your site will look great for every member,
every time.


Restructured Wall and Photo Uploading

The signature BuddyBoss features – Facebook-style profile walls and
photo uploading – have been recoded and improved greatly. They are built
with better native integration for BuddyPress, and designed to look
great on phones and tablets. On a phone you can just touch-to-swipe
through photos now for example.

The code for these features has also been separated from the core
theme code so that they can easily be converted into plugins down the
line, which will happen relatively soon.